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If you’ve purchased or mined Cryptocurrency, you’re part of the future. Unify crypto. Stop hate. Diversify. Half the internet is a meme and the Doge community fully supports Bitcoin & others while welcoming any new shibes on the way to the moon.

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The goal of this website is to provide an easy to share link that anyone can use as a quick reply. With the large added benefit of spreading other great Doge info.  No need to tip, just pass it on!

Dogecoin is a joke.

True. Yet also false. Doge was created as a joke. The friendly community loves to have a good time spreading fun memes and more, yet the fundamentals of Dogecoin as a crypto are no joke. It is a fast, cheap, efficient form of cryptocurrency operating on the same blockchain principals set from Bitcoin. In fact, Dogecoin is a tweaked copy of Litecoin.   Also, see Bitcoin’s original Ad HERE.

  •  Fact: Countless top performing brands/companies involve a fun & memorable mascot. 

Doge is inflationary, thus bad.

False. The long-term goal of Doge is to be used as a currency. The very foundation of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency set out to be. This being said, Doge is not unlimited. It is capped per block and the current rate of inflation isn’t nearly as significant as the stigma it receives. It will always trend toward 0. Also to note, there are many other inflationary coins, such as Ethereum.

Doge has no development.

False. Dogecoin has active developers. Developing. This fine group of individuals are extremely dedicated to Dogecoin and have been for many many years. 2021 has brought a resurgence of activity along with many great updates, without over-adjusting the Dogecoin core.

Doge is controlled by Elon.

False. Elon Musk is a lover of memes, with a large following. He enjoys and fully supports Dogecoin. Thus the Doge community values his efforts and anyone else that may come along and do the same. Publicity can help affect adoption, yet the only thing that truly controls Dogecoin is the power of the people. Fate loves irony.  Great video HERE.

It’s some new nonsense.

False. Dogecoin is the original nonsense! Doge was created way back in 2013, at a time when only around 50 cryptocurrencies existed. Only 4 currencies from then have truly survived to this day: BTC/LTC/DOGE/XRP. Dogecoin has stood a serious test of time.

Doge has no purpose/utility.

False. Utility can be viewed in a variety of ways - and it's not just what makes sense on paper. In the end transactions using Dogecoin are incredibly fast, for a next to nothing fee.

  • Within cryptocurrency, acceptance/use is the goal. Dogecoin is a notable, long lasting coin with a fast backend and easy to use valuation. Coupled with a massive following and public outreach, Doge is a serious force. Regardless of appearance. Businesses big & small are starting to recognize the potential- and in life it's people that drive economics.

  • Doge does good in the world. Replicating its light-hearted community, Dogecoin has brought forward many different charitable events. The ability to raise funds from around the world to help others, shows the difference one group can make.

  • Dogecoin brings a lot of newcomers into the crypto space. These individuals find a helpful friendly community, in which many may branch off and diversify into a multitude of other options. This incredibly underrated fact benefits crypto as a whole.

  • Opinions aside, Dogecoin is a strong cryptocurrency. The potential has just begun.

It’s just a P&D.

False. Pump and dumps are typically new coins or those with low volume, that completely crash after a massive rise. The coordinated dump following a pump is usually within a span of 24-48 hours. Doge has risen and fallen many times throughout its long history, yet still holds remarkable upward stability after every surge. Doge has daily trade volume currently in the billions.

The Dogecoin community is young.

False. As an easy-entry crypto, some newcomers may be child-like and unaware, yet these individuals typically branch off into new/shiny coins for quick profits. The shibes that remain represent a complete melting pot of society. Holders young and old, since 2013 and fresh 2021. From all over the world. All embracing the same positivity that Dogecoin has shown for years.

It’s just a fad.

False. Dogecoin currently holds the second largest community size & engagement after Bitcoin on nearly every single medium. Often times well surpassing BTC within social metrics. With a following in the millions, constant celebrity/brand mention, and the sheer volume of outreach, Dogecoin now replicates a movement more than a fad.

One whale controls all of Doge.

False. The top wallet is confirmed to be the Robinhood exchange. That very address (and many others) are actually made up of countless regular individuals.  Another step further: The founders sold their coins many moons ago. The developers are volunteers. There are no core investors or CEOs. Doge operates based on the will of the people. Thus, funny enough, Dogecoin as a cryptocurrency is truly decentralized. One could say, the people's coin.

Someone spent too much time making this.

True. Hodl. Don’t forget to spend/tip/donate along the way.


"How can a meme coin be worth so much... isn't it all a joke?"

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